Importance of Good Nutrition in Children


Children are picky eaters. As a parent it is easy to picture your child throwing a piece of broccoli on the floor in disgust. It is an everyday drama. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop giving veggies to your kids. It is very tiresome to run behind your toddler with a spoon full a greens. You should find new ways to convince your kids to eat veggies. Studies have shown that having a nutritious and balanced diet can have a huge impact on your child’s development and growth. One of the key factors for a child’s development is nutrition.

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When we were kids our mothers tricked us into eating fish and veggies saying it would make us smarter and sharper. Genes and the environment the child grows in is considered to be very important with respect to your child’s growth. Do not fall under this trap of giving a certain type of food to your kid and expecting them to become smart in a day or two. Proper amount of nutrition in early years can boost their academic and health performance later on. Therefore, make sure you maintain a healthy diet during your pregnancy as well. Undernutrition during pregnancy can affect the foetus and cause poor brain development that in turn results in chronic illnesses. This is the main reason why doctors suggest pregnant women to get into quality eating. A woman’s diet plays an important role when she’s pregnant. Breastfeeding mothers who follow nutritious diet can reduce their infant’s illnesses that includes ear infections, bacterial meningitis and diarrhoea. Better nourished kids have an enhanced ability to fight many infections. Iron is very important for brain development. As the saying goes, too much of something is bad, it’s the same with iron as well. Deficiency of iron in your child’s diet can lead to slower nerve impulses and there are chances of permanent brain damage as well. Including proteins, iron, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins C, D and A in your child’s diet will keep all your worries at bay. The difficult part is ‘how’ you would persuade your child to eat all those food infused with vital nutrients. 

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On the other hand, undernutrition has proved to decrease a child’s cognitive functioning, activity levels and social interactions. There is a possibility that your child will dislike all the veggies available in the market, but continue to introduce new dishes that would suit their taste buds. Your main goal should be in seeing your toddler gulping down at least one vegetable a day.       

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