How to Manage Health with Immunodeficiency?

Immuno deficiency disorder is a disease or disorder that weakens the immune system of the body. People usually diagnosed with primary Immuno disorder are missing a part or parts of their immune system, allowing them to be easily infected and more prone to health issues.

Some people are mildly affected and hence it can go unnoticed for years, while the others with severe infections can be detected since the day the were born. The question, in the end, is the same, why am I always sick?

People affected by Immuno disorder are always sick. They fall ill easily; they are unusually weak against infections and are often treated differently as well. You really don’t need to treat them differently, the steps to be taken are not necessarily life changing. All you need is a bit more care and make the person feel normal for a change.

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Have a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is important for everybody, but in the case of people with immune deficiency, it is even more so. You need to manage your stress levels and not go overboard. A healthy lifestyle always includes a good amount of physical exercise. You need to be physically fit and exercise regularly.

This promotes better functioning of lungs, movement of muscles and overall strength and endurance in general. While people in general live healthier with a good amount of exercise, if you suffer from immune deficiency, the results are much more exaggerated.

Good diet

A good diet goes a long way in anybody’s life. But if you suffer from immune deficiency, it has added importance. A healthy diet usually boosts your immune system and in this case acts like a pill, doing the opposite of what the disorder does to you.

Eating a variety of foods like vegetables, nuts and lean meats is advisable. On top of a healthy diet, dietary supplements are also necessary. Multivitamin supplements of 100% RDA or Recommended daily allowance is a must if you want to stay healthy.

Avoid Infections

Staying hygienic is another important factor. With Immuno deficiency disorder, you tend to contract infections and diseases more easily and avoiding infections is key to stay healthy. While complete isolation from such things is impossible, you can always stay clean and hygienic to reduce the threat.

Regular handwashing should be a routine and use of germ-killing soaps is prescribed. It is also important to use hand sanitizers accordingly, reducing chances of common cold and flu.


Sleep is more important than people think it is. It is especially true in the case of people suffering from Immuno deficiency. You need to keep watch of erratic sleep patterns and have plentiful of sleep as it adversely affects our health and the immune system.

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