3 Reasons You Must Start Working Out Today

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We all know the health benefits of working out. The benefits are not only restricted to physical fitness but also to one’s mental and emotional wellness too. All the benefits related to working out are positive, then why is that we neglect? After a long day at work, all we do is sit and watch our TV series and redirect all our plans. We choose laziness over being fit. It is totally understandable that the most difficult part is in taking the first step. Once you’re past it, then you can do anything. There are so many reasons to start working out immediately but here are the top three, 

It makes you happy

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There isn’t a person who would have regretted their workout. There is no doubt when it comes to exercising and not enjoying it. Studies have shown that regular exercising boosts your self esteem, lowers depression, improves your mood, reduces anxiety and stress and improves your quality of sleep. It entirely depends on you whether you’re into low or high intensity workouts. When you exercise, your brain releases chemicals like endorphins that lifts your mood automatically. You seem more happier and tend to enjoy even the little things. 

It makes you smart

If you constantly sit on your couch and there is no physical activity, then your brain becomes sluggish too. Exercising is directly proportional to your brain activity. No exercising clearly means less brain activity. Your ability to focus on things and succeeding in them reduces. Therefore, exercise everyday and give your brain some work. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson claims that his secret of productivity is exercising. He is sixty three years old. Before you come up with an excuse next time, ask yourself, if Richard Branson could do it, why not me?   


It makes you fit

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Most of you out there want a slim body with biceps and toned stomach. This cannot happen overnight. You must train yourself and earn the body that you picture. When you exercise, you lose all the unwanted fat and that in turn helps your body in so many ways. You sweat out toxins and your body undergoes a semi detox procedure. 

Start working out for yourself. Plan a routine and abide by it. There will be cheat days with respect to your diet and there is no harm in that. Exercises improve your mental and emotional state. So stop being lazy and hit the gym immediately.    


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